Author : Sagar Hedau

You wish to meet a smart freaky blogger who loves exploring myths, superstitions, and facts. That's me. A Digital Marketer, blogger & cook. All of the above.

Wanna buy property on the moon? Think again and again

Wanna buy property on the moon? LOL…is how we are gonna start this blog. Because this content is hilarious. It is true! By acquiring acres of land on the moon, you, too, can become a Land Owner. LUNAR LAND has been selling land on the moon for decades and is the world’s most well-known Celestial […]

Astounding 6 Hindu beliefs about God | What are those?

Everyone believes in God. Each of us has one or the other reason to believe in the existence of the almighty. All around the world, we pay our respects, ask for his guidance and protection when needed.  In India, people have their faith in God and his various Avatars. On the same lines, the Hindu […]

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