About Us

You May Not Believe, but all the blogs we have in our collections are related to many beliefs, superstitions, traditional followings and so on.

There are many connections to multiple topics. Some are worth believing, some are not. It is all about what story or event gave birth to these beliefs and how much people believe them.

There are no controversial topics here. Just the curious and unexplored ones.

What We Have?

Curiosity Awakening Stories

Stories related to Gods, angels, devils, ghosts, places, beliefs, followings, unexplored secrets. A whole bunch of weird but partly sensible stuff.

they might be myths or facts. But, they are documented somewhere in a small part of the world. People have heard it or seen it, or they have just believed it to be true. We don’t know that completely. We are simply trying to put them up together for our curious readers.

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