the jwala ji temple mystery

Jwala Ji Temple Mystery | Mystery of The Eternal Flame

Mystery: Something beyond understanding or that which cannot be explained logically. Many mysteries in the world still remain unsolved. Some natural occurrences, which have no scientific answer on, “HOW THEY EXIST?”. One such mystery is the JWALA JI TEMPLE MYSTERY – THE ETERNAL FLAME, burning through centuries without extinguishing.

What is the JWALA JI TEMPLE MYSTERY exactly? Let us find out. 

Jwala Ji is India’s most ancient temple, with references in the Mahabharata and other works of literature.

The actual temple is a cave where the flame burns indefinitely. Nobody has any idea how that happens. People worship the “NINE FLAMES” that appear from the ground in the temple.

Many scientists have investigated the area in search of the source of the flames. Furthermore, despite numerous efforts, no one has been able to extinguish these flames. What causes them, and where do they come from? It remains a mystery. 

What do the nine flames represent?

These nine flames are the Nine Incarnations of the Goddess. The enormous flame is the Jwala Maa [Goddess Jwala], and the other eight are:

  1. Goddess Annapurna.
  2. Goddess Vidhyvasini.
  3. Goddess Chandi Devi.
  4. Goddess Mahalakshmi.
  5. Goddess Hingalaaj.
  6. Goddess Saraswati.
  7. Goddess Ambika.
  8. Goddess Anji.

Experiments by the Britishers & Geology Scientists

During the British rule in India, Britishers made numerous attempts to determine the exact origin of these flames. But all of our efforts were in vain. Similarly, following independence, many Geology scientists took the same actions, but with no success. 

Story behind the Jwala Ji Temple Mystery

There is also a mythological storey associated with Jwala Devi’s flame.

Gorakhnath, according to legend, was a great devotee of Jwala Devi who was always absorbed in devotion.

When Gorakhnath became hungry, he asked the Goddess, “mother, keep the water hot until I return with my food.” Gorakhnath did not return when he went to ask for food. It is believed that this is the same flame that the mother lit, and the steam emitted from the water of the furrow is reflected at a distance. Gorakhnath ki Dibi is another name for this tank.

People believe Gorakhnath will return to the temple at the end of the Kali Yuga. And also that the flame will continue to burn until then. This is the story behind the Jwala Ji Temple mystery. 

King Akbar tried to extinguish the flame

When King Akbar learned about the temple flame, he summoned his army and attempted to extinguish it, but no one could do so. He then tried but failed to have the canal excavated. The canal can still be seen on the temple’s left side. 

After witnessing the mother’s miracle, he bowed down and reached out to offer a golden umbrella. Still, the mother did not accept him, and he fell and became another metal. No one has been able to determine the composition of this metal to date. It is kept on the temple grounds for devotees to view and worship. 

All wishes come true at Jwala Ji Temple

The temple of Jwala Mata is also associated with Dhyanu Bhagat’s story.

To demonstrate his devotion, Dhyanu Bhagat offered his head to the mother, according to legend. Devotees believe that whatever a devotee truly desires from the mother is granted to him. Nobody leaves the mother’s court empty-handed. 

If you are a person of faith and belief, you know some things or incidents or even places like these have no scientific explanation. The Jwala Ji temple mystery is one of these places where no one knows the origin of the eternal flames. Even people who tried to find out have failed. Many people still believe in curses, some ancient personalities still being alive and whatnot.

Sometimes such things are better left unexplained and simply believed. After all, it is the almighty who has created these for humanity. 

So, just believe and rate this blog with your comments.

We are coming with more such unbelievable facts.

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