mysteries of Jagannath Temple

10 astounding mysteries of Jagannath Temple

“Both religion and science require a belief in God. For believers, God is in the beginning, and for physicists, He is at the end of all consideration. To the former, He is the foundation, to the latter, the crown of the edifice of every generalized world view.
-----Max Planck

Science and faith have always been diametrically opposed. Religion cannot always prove what science believes, and science cannot consistently deny what religion believes.

Everything boils down to perception, faith, and belief. When people don’t have a response, they turn to faith or God, knowing that he does.

India, a land of mysteries, hope, and answers, has long been at the pinnacle of facts and mysteries that defy logical explanation. People have also seen miraculous occurrences that no one could have expected.

Many temples, holy sites, and historical sites have forced science to embrace their magical and logic-defying truth. One such historical site is the Jagannath Temple in Puri, Orissa. What is it about the temple that makes it so unique? What are the 10 mysteries of Jagannath Temple? Let’s see.

Flag flowing against the wind

The flag at the temple’s peak clearly defies logic. It is often observed to travel in the opposite direction of the wind. Now, how can you scientifically describe this phenomenon? You absolutely cannot do so.

You have to assume that this is the work of supernatural power. 

Sudarshan Chakra visible from every direction

The Sudarshan Chakra, located at the temple’s apex, weighs approximately one tonne. Simply go somewhere in the city and look at the Chakra. You’ll be surprised to discover that it’s still facing you. Any engineering logic or rationale cannot describe the reason for it. The Sudarshan Chakra will always be facing you in every direction. 

No shadow of the temple at any time of the day

Another technical wonder and scientific reality is that “THE TEMPLE DOES NOT CAST A SHADOW” at any time of day. What’s the best way to put that? No answer, right? No, there are moments when we are unable to determine what mystery is associated with specific evidence. All we have to do is embrace them. 

Nothing flies above the temple

GOD is superior to all other beings. Take my word for it. No birds or aircraft fly over the temple. It’s a DIVINE FLY-FREE ZONE. Declared by God, not by any state or government authority. This is one of the astounding mysteries of Jagannath Temple.

Food never goes to waste and never falls short

astonishing mysteries of Jagannath temple

Nobody ever goes hungry because of the LORD. Not a single grain of food is wasted or inadequate at Jagannath Temple. According to records, approximately 5000-20000 devotees visit and eat at the temple. However, the amount of food [Prasadam] cooked each day remains constant. Nonetheless, it is never insufficient or wasteful. 

The magic in the cooking

We usually prepare our meals on the stove. The container kept on the gas is the first to be cooked. The one above is cooked a little later. This is basic science. However, one of the fascinating mysteries of Jagannath Temple is that of the seven pots in which the food is prepared; the top pot is cooked first, followed by the bottom pots. How? Please explain that to me! 

The reverse breeze

The sea’s general behaviour is as follows:

  • During the day, the wind blows towards the land.
  • During the evening time, the wind blows towards the sea.

So, how does it behave the exact opposite here? Another question of belief, divine power and science.

The silent ocean 

Puri’s coast is known as “Mahadadhi” in Hindi. When you enter the Puri temple from the Singha Dwar [Gate], you only hear the ocean waves till the first step and not inside. However, when you return outside, you can clearly listen to them. Subhadra Mayi, the sister of the two Lords, is said to have wished for peace and serenity inside the temple abode. As a result, you never hear the waves inside the temple. 

Disintegrating Deities

The deities disintegrate on their own after 14-18 years. As a result, they are replaced with new ones made of Neem Wood. How so? Nobody knows—neither science nor humanity. this is one of the most astonishing mysteries of Jagannath Temple.

The 1800 year old ritual

The temple is approximately 45 feet tall. Every day, however, a priest climbs to the top without any protective gear to change the flag. It is assumed that if the ceremony is missed by one day on the calendar, the temple will be closed for a period of 18 years. 

So, all the astonishing mysteries of Jagannath Temple are simply mind-boggling. We cannot scientifically explain them. We merely have to consider it; the Almighty has put these in place, and we must honour and accept them.

There are many such stories related to mythological curses, dreams and other famous village where there are no doors to any home or offices.

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