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Do you know what is planchette? Read these 8 freaky facts

Whether you are a fan of ouija boards or not, you’ve definitely heard of them before. You’ve probably also heard that they can be dangerous and cause ghosts to haunt your home. But what if there was a tool that could help you communicate with the spirits without the risks? Would you use it? That tool is called a planchette. In this article, we’ll explain what is planchette and how it can help you connect with spiritual forces. We’ll also give our opinion on whether or not it’s safe to use.

What is planchette?

A planchette is a tool used to communicate with spirits. It is a board with a pencil attached to it. Sometimes, this board has letters and numbers on it so that you can ask questions and get answers as well. You place your hands on the planchette and move it around when you want something to happen in the room or if you want someone’s attention.

What does planchette mean?

Planchette is a tool used in a type of board game called an Ouija board. It’s a small heart-shaped device that is placed on the board and moved by participants to spell out messages from the other side.

Planchette comes from French, where it means “little plank.” That makes sense: you’ll find planchettes made of wood or plastic, though glass ones are also popular (they’re more fragile but easier to see). They look like little teardrops with tails at one end, and they can be just about any size—the ones used in mezuzahs are often quite large!

What is planchette used for?

If you’ve ever wanted to communicate with the dead, a planchette is one of the most popular means of doing so. A planchette is used to help people talk to spirits, ghosts, and other spiritual entities. Planchettes are commonly referred to as Ouija boards because they have been used for centuries to contact those who have passed away. In fact, they were actually called “talking boards” by their inventor — Elijah Bond — who claimed that he created them in 1853 when he was living in Baltimore (where else?).

However, there is some debate about whether or not Mr. Bond really invented Ouija boards himself or if he just made them popular by selling them through his company E.C. Reiche & Co. Some reports indicate that similar devices existed prior but were simply called spirit slates instead of Ouija boards due to their wood-carved surface area which often included letters from an alphabetical guidebook designed for young readers learning how to read English words correctly.”

How do you use a planchette?

Now that you know what a planchette is, let’s get down to business. Planchette boards and other devices have been used for centuries to communicate with spirits.

use of a planchette

To use a planchette board, place it on a flat surface and ask a question. The answers will be revealed by the movement of your device. If your board doesn’t move when you ask questions or notice something strange happening around you (such as objects moving or lights flickering), simply repeat the process: re-position yourself or relocate the device if necessary, and then repeat the question again until there are movements in response to your inquiry.

When using an electronic version of this device instead of one made from wood or metal materials like those previously mentioned above (metal ones will be heavier than wooden ones), keep in mind that these kinds tend not to work as well because they rely less on human energy (your own energy) than do their traditional counterparts where friction between parts causes them to roll across surfaces when properly aligned correctly!

It is dangerous to use a planchette?

Planchette is a tool for communicating with spirits. It is not dangerous to use a planchette.

Planchette is used for divination and communication with the dead.

It can be used as a form of entertaining entertainment or it can also be used for other purposes such as communication between two people by means of spirit guides or even contacting someone who has passed away in order to deliver messages from them in this lifetime so that they may continue helping you spiritually (or whatever your reason may be).

Planchette is a simple tool that can help you connect with spiritual forces.

use of planchette

Planchette is a device used in spirit writing. Spirit writing is a form of automatic writing, which means it involves the use of an object to assist with communication between you and the spirits. Sometimes, this object can be a pen or pencil, but more commonly it’s some kind of mechanical device—like a planchette. When using this tool, you’ll rest your fingers on the top part while asking questions or stating what you wish to communicate with them about.

The word “planchette” comes from French for “small plank”, which makes sense given that most planchettes are small enough to fit in one hand (and sometimes even just half-covered by your thumb). Planchettes are also made from different materials; some are made from wood or plastic; others come shaped like hearts or triangles, and still, others resemble fancy wine glasses! Planchettes vary quite dramatically in size and material depending on their purpose: those used for divination tend to be smaller than those used for channeling energy through healing sessions because they require less room for movement around the board upon which they sit during such activities.”


So, even if you know what is planchette, it may take time to get the hang of using a planchette, so keep trying until you succeed. There is no need to worry about being possessed by evil spirits because they cannot force you to do anything against your will. They can only make suggestions and it’s up to you what happens next. What matters most is that we use this tool responsibly with respect for all life forms, especially those who are vulnerable or in need of protection such as animals or children.

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